Joseph Alberic Fiennes

May 27, 1970 in Salisbury Wiltshire, Great Britian
Art School (at age 16), 2 years at the Young Vic Youth Theater in South London
Joseph Fiennes c/o
Ken McReddie Ltd.
91 Regent St.

The Castle

Here is a picture of the Broughton Castle, which I believe is somewhat near Oxford. It "came into the possession" of the Fiennes, which in no way means that they necessarily live there. Besides I believe our buddy Mr. Fiennes would agree that it is quite rude to go running up to a house (or in this case, castle) and snap pictures. So I would strongly advise against pilgrimages to the castle.It is my understanding that this is the same castle used as the house of Viola and her parents in Shakespeare in Love.


    Mr. Fiennes has a large family (7 siblings), but I vow, if I ever meet him (whether randomly or reporting,) I WILL NOT MENTION HIS BROTHER :) Every gosh darn reporter has asked the same questions. Let's be original, guys!
  Jini Fiennes - Author (psnonum: Jennifer Lash) who wrote Blood Ties which was later made into a made-for-tv movie in England. Mrs. Fiennes died of cancer in 1993.
  Mark Fiennes - Photographer for the Carnegie Club.
From the BBC Special "Blood Ties"
In order of age (youngest to oldest/ left to right)
Picture appears courtesy of
A Fiennes Website

Photo credit: Mark Fiennes.

Ralph Fiennes - Actor in films such as Schindler's list and The English Patient. He was nominated for Oscars for both films, but didn't win (although he should have won for Schinder's!)
Martha Fiennes - Director of the new film Onegin (staring brother Ralph).
Magnus Fiennes - Composer and Musician for Preaching to the Perverted. He has worked with pop artists like All Saints.
Sophie Fiennes - Director of Lars 1-10 which will premire at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.
Jake Fiennes - Prize-winning gamekeeper and Joseph Fiennes' fraternal twin brother.
Joseph Fiennes - Actor in film and on stage, his first starring role came in Best Picture winner Shakespeare in Love.
Michael (?) - (not pictured) Aarcheologist and foster son of the Fiennes.